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Heart Disease: Left Atrial Appendage Closure

The new WATCHMAN FLX device is used for more challenging procedures. “It’s non-invasive and involves the insertion of a tube into the patient though the groin which goes up to the heart,” Dr Fahmy said. “The new device is attached to the tube and we’re able to insert the device into the left atrial appendage closing it off”.

Norwest Heart Valve Team

The referral pathway is a fundamental part of being assessed by the Norwest Heart Valve Team. If your patient has severe aortic stenosis, we recommend they be referred to the Norwest Heart Valve Team, where an interventional and structural cardiologist trained in TAVI is part of the mix.

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More than half a million Australians are living with heart valve disease where blood flow is disrupted through the heart, while more than a quarter of a million Australians have faulty heart valves, and don’t know it.

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Heart Health Video: Heart disease risk factors

Dr Peter Fahmy    News, Videos and ResourcesThe most common form of heart disease is Coronary Heart Disease (CAD). Coronary Heart Disease is associated with age and affects the heart muscle when blood supplied to the heart becomes narrow, due to fatty deposits which...